"Vintage motorcycle competition at its best!"

AHRMA National and Regional Coordinators

Our coordinators are volunteers who organize our events, water the tracks, lay out sections, and are our tireless leaders. If you have questions about an event, our would like to host and event, they can assist you.

AHRMA Southwest Regional Coordinators

Southwest Trials and Motocross Coordinator 
Luke Sayer
Phone: (562) 841-3476
email: sayerlu@gmail.com
Facebook: AHRMA Vintage Southwest

AHRMA National Off-Road Director

Fred Guidi
Phone: (724) 462-1854
email: fredguidi@gmail.com

AHRMA Western Regional Trustees

Tom Bentley
Phone: (530) 347-4800
email: bentley13x@yahoo.com

Luke Conner
Phone: (337) 280-1066
email: luke.conner@cpl-systems.com

Debbie Poole
Phone: (415) 889-4049; fax (415) 889-4059
email: pooleschl1@hotmail.com

Rob Poole
Phone: (415) 990-9003 after 6pm; fax (415) 889.4059
email: robpoole57@hotmail.com

Pat Riley
Phone: (916) 708-6765
email: rileyppkk@yahoo.com

Kelly Shane
Phone: (775) 772-2857; fax (530) 587-7597
email: flynpenguin@gmail.com